Friday, October 3, 2008

This Blog is About My Parents – September 26

And how awesome they are to be more specific. They are like the coolest people…like ever. A great example of how exactly oppositely cool we are: this summer, during parents’ weekend, they didn’t want to be seen with me. While they went to Theta Delt to play pong with Isabelle Schless’ parents, I went to Phi Tau to have Milque and Cookies with Isabelle Schless’ younger brother. These are truly on opposite ends of the coolness spectrum. If you’re on facebook, you should friend my dad. If you’re in Newark, you should try to not be in a crosswalk when my mom’s coming. She’s so cool that it don’t matter – she’ll run you down.

On a more serious note, I’m sure they hate me because I’m not exactly aiming to be the most successful (financially) daughter they were probably hoping for. But they understand that. They understand how much Semester at Sea mattered to me as an opportunity to see the world – as a chance to play with the idea of living/working in a third world country. They saw that I considered it more than a 108 day “booze cruise” and agreed to let me go. They are so understanding. And cool.

[My dad may or may not have just received the bill for my shipboard account. Love you Pops!]


William said...

Love you back-Poppy

Anonymous said...

HA, our parents are cooler than we are.....

and i FINALLY got a shout out. bout time.