Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm unsure why they didn't publish...

Alex Got In Trouble article about date auction in Mississippi:

*MY* Article on Gossip:

*MY* Article on Grad Students:

Exciting News!

I've been "hired" as a staff writer for The Mirror, a special weekly section of Dartmouth's student newspaper! The Mirror is known to portray a somewhat humorous reflection about Dartmouth's culture. It has a theme every week, so as a staff writer I can sign up to write one of the articles.

This has honestly been my dream since I was first featured in "Alex Got In Trouble" my freshman year. () And somehow, despite my roommate, Jen Argote, being THE EDITOR IN CHIEF for an entire year, I didn't get the job until her reign was over. *FIRST TWO ARTICLES*:

Counterpoint: Is It Good to Gossip?

About a month into my relationship with my ex, or former-somewhat-exclusive-hookup, he told me that he had been surprised that he liked me, given all that he had heard of me before our relationship started. Umm, what? I pestered him at the time to explain what he meant, but I didn’t get too many details.

This surprised me because: a) everybody likes me and b) I don’t really gossip.


How to Spot (and get!) Grad Students at Dartmouth


How to spot one:
Very easy to pick out of the crowd even though they’d like to think not. They rival 5th year Engineering students in their propensity to show up at frat parties. It’s rumored that they even have tails with a few sororities. But their exposure to the Dartmouth social scene doesn’t mean they can quite blend in. They find it hard to leave the New York scene behind (who thought to put a Top Ten business school all the way up here anyway?) so they’re always dressed up when they go out. They’re that group of the guys in the corner wearing slacks and boat shoes, grimacing with each sip of Keystone. The giveaway is usually the engagement ring. Or the “Oh yeah when I was at McKinsey” (pause) “INTERNING — when I was INTERNING at McKinsey…” Right.

How to get one: 8 a.m. in Byrne Dining Hall. (You’ll have to put it on DA$H, but the payoff could be worth it.) Smile, embrace the fact that you’re an undergraduate (remember, they’re always looking for an in to frat parties) and complain that this is the only place on campus where the Wall Street Journal is available in print. Make a reference to the second to last entry in “What’s News” and then guide the conversation back to a topic you’re more comfortable with.

Alternatively, Thirsty Thursdays at Canoe Club.