Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here We Go

Better video, on youtube, accessible to everyone.


Tonight we started to brainstorm our act for the next talent show. Looks like Fight Club will be continuing for the remaining two weeks.

We're All In this Together

Here's a "better" video of our performance last night. "Better" because you can see me better. I'm number 20, like fifth out in the beginning. There's a very nice hole so you can see me in the third row, stage right for the entire second chorus. It's a really good sign that I have to give such explicit directions for seeing me, because that means that I didn't mess up! (Well actually I did, but that one part is hidden. And I blame it more on Jay.)

Better Video

(You might need facebook to see it. The youtube one isn't as good...)

Youtube Video

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How I’ve Been Spending My Time

1. Not updating this blog. Meaning that I’ve been failing to compete with Donks Do America (, the newest B-side Tucker Max blog that can be found on the internet.
2. Not efficiently. At all. Turns out my inability to prioritize or sit down and do work followed me back to St. Paul’s.
3. Dislocating my shoulders. Both of them. One of them I did in public and therefore had to go through this whole process of having the trainer pop it back in (he says that you can pinch nerves if you do it yourself?!), icing it, wearing a sling, and filling out an accident report form. The other one I also did in public, but I learned my lesson from the first time so I was able to run away while holding my dangling right arm in my left hand (which was still in a sling) and pop it back in without anybody seeing.

The first shoulder episode meant that I had to sit out of intern fight club for a day. I was very upset about this, but Mr. O (who was around the very first time I dislocated a shoulder), confused as to what exactly intern fight club was, wouldn’t let me leave the Fitness Center until I finished icing.

This was really unfortunate for me, and all other parties involved (namely my fight club partner, Jay) because “fight club” is actually a code word for “sick nasty youtube worthy talent show stopper high school musical finale DANCE ROUTINE”. That’s right. All 39 interns (well actually only 36 of us – three are pretty lame/more injured than I am) have been spending over an hour a day for the past two weeks learning the High School Musical 1 final dance, We’re All In This Together. Obviously, dancing is not my forte, or in anyway even a skill of mine – I quit ballet after an embarrassing two years only to return as Lady Ginger in the Nutcracker my sixth form year here.

Just to give you an idea of how terrible I am at controlling my body and listening to music, during our first rehearsal Hillary introduced the first four beats: “bounce, bounce, bounce, clap. Okay, all together now.” To which I screamed out “WAIT!!! Can we just go over the first bounce?” After a two hour rehearsal, I mastered the bounce-bounce-bounce-clap-bounce-bounce-bounce-crossarms routine, but had a little trouble coordinating the next step: arms uncrossing and stepping at the same time. Good thing we started two weeks early.

And then came the disastrous shoulder dislocation. If I thought I was struggling when I was actually able to rehearse – it was nothing compared to how I felt when I got back into it after sitting through two practices. (It’s hard to learn a routine from the sidelines.) I don’t really understand how or why…but I seem to always be two beats behind or one beat ahead (this happens when I get too excited about knowing what the next move will be) and then I just physically cannot do the “throw your hands up in the air” part. But at least I’ve managed to find an equally incompetent partner. So when the partner part comes around we basically just stare at each other with fear in our eyes before catching up with what the rest of the group is doing.

So…some of you (myself included) might wonder if it’s been the best use of my time to spend 1-2 hours a day practicing a routine of which I have no hope of mastering, especially considering that my solid 6 hours of sleep has been wittled down to 4 or 5 a night. It’s a pretty obvious question of why don’t I just skip Fight Club every day (especially when “injured” and “icing”), get work done during that 2 hours instead, and then get just a little more sleep.

The justification for this will hopefully be posted tomorrow.