Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Post Sea*crets – October 28

We’re docked in Singapore right now. But that’s not too exciting. Here’s something today that was posted that is pretty exciting. These Sea*crets have been posted on a board in the main lobby, with many more being added throughout the day.

  • I wish I could let my light within shine
  • I cheated on my boyfriend of 6 years in Namibia…twice
  • I hate you when you’re drunk.
  • Your Feet Smell
  • I HATE FDPs because I Have zero (0) money!
    • Please see me – Jack*
  • I with more people knew how creepy and sketchy you R. If they knew you’re a pervert you’d get kicked off!
  • I like being the little spoon. From: Dude.
  • Sometimes I eat salad just to have the dressing.
  • I’m not voting.
  • I’m afraid I’ll never find “HOME” again like I had as a child. But…I’ll keep looking!
  • Yeah Bobby, I ate your pizza! It was so good. And What!?! J
  • I know that someone made up a big LIE for this box. I know the name.
  • Last year…I left my bear at a hotel in Ohio. I drove 100 miles to pick him up. Ps – I’m a guy.
  • I have to confess, I had sex with 7% of the girls on the ship…
  • I was raped in South Africa.
  • I lied! Actually, I think it is mess up that you hang out with us. Something is very wrong here. I know it…and other agree. Wake up and act your age, weirdo!
  • Anytime someone knocks on my cabin door I want it to be you coming over to watch a movie and cuddle.
  • I’m going to switch places with my twin in Vietnam.
  • I like shoes.
  • I have never been so judgmental in my life. I judge all the bros and slutty/drink girls on the boat.
  • As much as I love being around fellow SASers, if I didn’t have my cabin to retreat to they’d drive me completely bonkers.
  • I convinced him he gave it to me. He has never forgiven himself. But I had it before we even met.
  • I once got caught stealing at a store.
  • Sometimes I blow my nose in the shower.
  • I’m worried I’m only my job.
  • I once couldn’t make it to the bathroom so I threw up in the janitor’s bucked that she uses to mop the floor!
  • I have no more money to do even minor adventures in the next ports – I’m completely broke and hate asking my parents for any more money.
    • Please see me – Jack*
  • I wanted to break up with you for a year but waited until now because I couldn’t face you afterwards.
  • I drove a rickshaw around in Chennai.
  • Any aspirations I had for romance on the ship stayed behind in Africa
  • Dear Schoppa, We’re not all drunk college kids ditching your class. Some of us are just confused. Slow down. Don’t give up on us. Love Global Studies “B”
  • I wear big underwear during exams, can’t have a wedge to pull during multiple choice!
  • The crew on the ship makes me feel really uncomfortable because I know that given any other circumstance, I’d be one of them.

*These are comments written directly onto the cards. Jack is our executive dean.

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lidels88 said...

The number of those that i attribute to you is a bit out of control.


slash do you realize you confessed that you LOVE me over FB messaging?? you've never said that sober!