Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halfway There – October 21

We’re on day 55 of our 109 day voyage, which means…wo-ah we’re halfway theree! Wo-ah livin’ on a pray-er!

Actually, not really. Unlike have the Dropper’s band practice and perform this song at a dance the weekend we were “halfway there” during my senior year at SPS there have been no celebrations or recognitions of the fact on the ship. In fact we’re mostly in preparation for the CRAZY few weeks coming up. Before the trip…this looked kind of amazing: 3 weeks with only 6 class days. I somehow managed to hide this fact from my parents as I was convincing them of the academic validity of the program. (I hid many things from my parents on my way out of Hanover, my proudest being my mom’s white leather belt. I’m wearing it right now with my green shorts and it looks GREAT.)

But it now seems like the most hectic schedule I could imagine. For example…I have a midterm and a case study due the day we get back from Penang, and then a case study every day until we leave Japan. And I have a field journal due before Japan – yeah that’s three weeks away, but that only really counts if I do work while in port.

Feel bad for my very stressful life please. My teachers are forcing me to do a little bit of work while I’m cruising down the Mekong Delta in a houseboat. Terrible people that they are.

I don’t know how much I’ll be updating my blog in the next few weeks – I really should concentrate on schoolwork when I’m on the ship and given that most of my schoolwork consists of writing I always justify not doing any of it by saying “but I’ve written so much today…for my blog.” …so if I do continue to update this then you know that I’m just procrastinating more…

Tomorrow morning we arrive in Penang. Unfortunately we have to take tender boats to and from the ship. They only run from 7am – 1am, so if you don’t get on that last boat…it’s either a hotel for you or a very very late night. (I’ve heard the late nights are not difficult to come by in Malaysia.) Fortunately for me though, Cory and I will be headed to the airport first thing in search of a flight to somewhere. Preferably secluded and romantic but possibly just adventurous.

Three days back in school.

Arrive in Vietnam and spend three days cruising up the Mekong River with a group of nine SAS kids. We found this trip for 100USD…for tours, lodging, and food for three days. Gotta love those third world countries. I’m also planning on getting a dress made. James, John – if you want sweet silk shirts/suits…give me some sizes.

Two days back in school.

Hong Kong! Where I get to go out with Hilary Shih’s family! (Thanks Hill!) And then to Beijing where I, like every other SAS girl, will be more excited to see the Water Dome than the Great Wall. I plan on taking pictures of standing exactly where Michael Phelps once stood. I think Heli may be able to work something out on photo shop so it even looks like I’m standing with Micahel Phelps. … To Shanghai.

Two days back in school

To Japan for five days. Akihiko…get back to me about chillaxing with your fam in Tokyo! I’m excited to ride the bullet train all over the country, go skiing on Mt. Fuji, and go crazy at Disneyland Tokyo. … But in all honesty none of this will probably happen because I’m going to be so pissed that I have to pay more than 2USD for a cab ride that I just won’t go anywhere or pay for anything.


Oh and I just wanted to point out to Mommy that you would be VERY proud of me – in perfect girly fashion I decided that the halfway point would be the perfect time to get my roots done and go blonde again. So I had my hair highlighted today. By this woman who is probably more anal than I am. Honestly…I have never seen anybody take longer and act more meticulously in order to highlight hair. She literally used a board to hold the foil right up to my scalp. And had a special come to section off perfectly equal parts of hair. I didn’t have the guts to tell her that I really don’t think hairstyling is her thing…but at some point you have to recognize that you’re just a bit to much of a perfectionist for your profession.

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