Friday, October 3, 2008

Eli + Children = Not Happening? – September 29

At the beginning of the summer, I told my mom I was sorry because of her children…it doesn’t look like she’ll ever get grandchildren.

The first change in this luck was that James got a girlfriend. Just in case you didn’t know, you now know. Absolutely ridiculous right.

Caitlin – don’t gain any weight. You’re a cute little peanut just as you are. I’m just seriously scared you won’t be able to carry a child.

And as far as I go…I still hate children. They’re just kinda loud and energetic and too much for me. After spending four months volunteering in Mississippi, I had only volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club once – and it was probably my least favorite volunteering experience. Ever. Which is why I wasn’t especially excited for my mandatory visit to a pre-school in a Cape Town township. Our job was to weigh the children so that we could test how they measured up against other children their age. I immediately volunteered to run one of the scales. I figured that while everybody else actually had to deal with the children, I could just sit and read off numbers to somebody else. And still get class credit for it. Perfect deal.

Little did I know how amazingly adorable children can be. We walked in the door and this little girl clung herself to me. She did not let go for the next two hours. While I sat at the scale, she curled up in my lap, kind of like a cat. A perfectly behaved and quiet cat. But then once I was done weighing every body, all she wanted to do was play with me. She could have cared less about the stickers and bubbles that other SAS kids brought to the school. She just wanted to play follow the leader, or run around piggy back style, or dance to her own music.


James said...

After this posting, I have decided to impregnate one of your close friends and not care for the child at all.

Anonymous said...

your children would be so damaged.

impeccably dressed.

but damaged.