Friday, October 3, 2008

Complaints – Version 9.0 – October 3

I’m back on the ship again. Back to my Iceberg lettuce and white bread sandwiches. But wait…even better…THIS TIME around I have an ear infection! AND the seas are even WORSE!

Oh boy! Oh boy!

Everybody warned me about how much it would suck to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. Well…I have something to tell all those people: they have no idea.

And ear infections, y’know, because of the whole balance thing…multiply the effect.

Lucky for me though, I found a pretty effective solution in “Adventures in Sex: 365 ways to make every day & night more exciting.” Mark Bricklin’s suggestion for May 26 is the following:

seesaw sex

Holding hands is one of the most unusual things people do during sex, but it’s a key part of the charm and energy of this position. And, the positions are completely reversible, so long as both have fairly strong arms. One partner, let’s say the woman, lies on her back, with her hips raised, and her legs grasping the sides of the man. The man, inside her, leans forward and extends his hands out over the woman’s shoulders. She raises her hands to meet his. They interlock hands. The woman then uses both her hips and arms to seesaw the man back and forth. Playful and passionate at the same time!

Right…so minus the whole sex part…this is actually a pretty good technique to use for seasickness. It helps you work with the rocking of the boat – the motion of the ocean, as some might call it. I’ve learned that, in such situations, it’s better to accept that I’m living on a large floaty device that rocks rather than fight it.

I think there’s a life lesson somewhere in there.


William said...

Any way you can pass along an illustration so your Mom will understand how this works?

Debbie said...

How's the ear infection? No illustration needed. Take care. MOM