Saturday, October 25, 2008

It may or may not be legal to dance in a temple (AKA – The Missed-Adventured of Cory and Eli Part 1) – October 22

Today’s irony: the airport ran out of internet. How exactly does one run out of internet??
Oh also...I got coffee to go and they tied it up and gave it to me in a plastic bag. Awesome.
In the greatest example of indecision I have ever seen, Cory and I could not decide between two different flight destinations. We actually spent about five hours at the airport (without any internet), trying to decide where we should go. And then, right as we made a final decision, both flights left. Greatest example of indecision ever.
But let’s take a step back and investigate perhaps why this occurred by looking at just one of the many conversations we had:
Cory – I think we should go to B because it’s cheaper and it’s cheaper once we get there.
Eli – Psh, A has way better food.
*Both Eli and Cory take a bit out of their McDonald’s quarter-pounders.*
After this experience, we decided to spend a night out on the town…kinda…two hours after we planned to because we couldn’t quite figure out the tender schedule. (I curse tender boats.) My favorite part from this adventure was running into Little India. I swear to God, we turned down a street and we were back in Chennai. The most shocking part about this was that I saw a few blouses for 50 ringgits and was like “oh wow, totally a legit price, I think I’ll buy one.” And then Cory reminded me that we were in Malaysia and it’s 3.5 ringgits to a dollar, not 50 as it was in India. So these shirts were like 14x the price I was willing, or used to paying. Conclusion from that adventure: Real India >> Little India. (Now is when I point out that I wrote and reread the entire last paragraph using Italy instead of India before I realized that something was wrong?)
Then comes the part of the night that I really cannot describe. The Westernized analogy I will use is…imagine if there are five, Asian Britney Spears’ on one stage. With lots of Muslims cheering on from the audience. Introduce four SASers…and you have my night. It was 100% ridiculous. I don’t know if the more ridiculous part was when they had the four of us try (raw?) shellfish or when the Asian pop stars stopped mid-song to “velcome aar guests from Amarica!” (I can’t write it with an accent – but it was Asian and strong.)
I think it was after this moment that I learned it was a bad idea to dance in a temple.

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