Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tonight’s Excitement - 6/26

I realize that I still need to explain a lot about classes and sports and the dorm and everything…but something exciting actually happened tonight! So I’m just going to jump forward a week and talk about the most exciting five minutes that’s happened since I’ve been here. It was a SCANDAL.

Scene: Being as all (or at least assumed to be all) the interns are 21+ we have a …location… on campus at which we are allowed to enjoy the privileges that come with such an age after all the students have gone to bed. (One person has to remain in the dorm all night long. When I first learned this rule, I thought we’d be drawing straws each night. Turns out Hillary is above/allergic to such indulgences so she’s very happy to stick around the dorm munching away on sunflower seeds and preparing olive oil and summer squash for her breakfast…). Even though this location is approved by the school and the things that go on in it are technically legal, it’s still something that we have to be very hush hush about. A typical conversation might be:

“Hey Eli are you going to eat some bagels tonight?”

“Yeah I was planning on it…but I’m worried that I won’t like any of the flavors. Do you think you could pick up some blackberry wheat bagels for me?”

“You are SUCH a girl. But sure because I’m already picking up some cream cheese for somebody else. See you there!”

So tonight we were all sitting around eating our bagels and playing some cards (that’s for real) when I looked up to see two very much high schoolers walking in. I was obviously the first to see them. But I was a little unsure of myself because I’m still not sure who all the interns are and I didn’t want to go around making a fool… so I kinda just stared hoping somebody else would notice. Eventually they did – and confirmed my initial thought that these kids did not belong.

So some brave soul asked them what they were looking for. They mumbled something. We asked again. They mumbled again. We cut the music (Michael Jackson tribute mix). And then they said that they were looking for [insert name of boy in my class] and [insert name of girl in my sport]. Everybody looked around at each other, wondering if anybody knew who they were. I avoided eye contact for fear of being absolutely called out for having bad kids. (These things worry me.)

And then finally one of the biggest guys in the group stood up and told them no and that it didn’t matter because they weren’t allowed to be here right now. So they left and we called security on them. Problem solved. Situation A-Okay. Eli back in her room to do a lil bit o reading.

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