Sunday, June 14, 2009

Revival – June 13, 2009

I think it’s quite fitting that the day I decide to revive my adventures blog is also the day that I woke up a teensy bit hung over… credited to Semester at Sea. Last night, the Institute for Shipboard Education held an alumni fundraiser in Boston giving all of us an opportunity to re-board the MV Explorer (never seemed so big), greet old friends (who primarily remembered me as “the She-li in Eli and Eli”), and indulge in ways that the ship did not allow when we were…um…at school.
Quick back story – I worked as a bartender during Dartmouth’s reunions last year so I know all about what reunions are about: first showing the success of the program and then explaining how fortunately alumni donations (from people just like YOU) keep the costs reasonable and, if that method fails, offering enough free booze that people forget their inhibitions…against “making a gift” that is. But of course even before this there’s the cover charge to get into the event, which in itself could be interpreted as a donation.
Knowing that this was the real reason for the fun, I was determined to eat enough, drink enough, and request songs enough to fully get my money’s worth. Which, for the most part, I did. Except that they quickly ran low on the best parts of the “Around the World” buffet (Chinese chicken fingers anyone?) and I became so distracted with the meeting and greeting that I forgot to keep my wine glass (they gave us REAL GLASSES now that we’re responsible alums!) filled to the brim throughout the night.
What this did give me the opportunity to do though was have a long over-due catch up with Doris and Hal, my ship parents and a few others from my voyage just to remind me that facebook-stalking somebody during exams week does not actually qualify as keeping in touch and keeping an email response on my to-do list doesn’t actually let the recipient know that I’ve been thinking of them. (I’ll do better now…I swear.)
It also gave me the opportunity to observe the rather hilarious clash between students from the UPitt/Road Rules era and those from the reformed UVA era. Exhibit A:
Me: Oh my god I never even REALIZED that this could actually be used as a bar.
Old Alum: Seriously? This is where they had nightly mixed drink specials.
Exhibit B:
They all jumped into the pool.
Exhibit C:
I did not because Cindy Zomcheck (some sort of Fall 08 disciplinary dean) had been *spotted* earlier in the night. …But still got soaked because I sat between two girls in the taxi (for which Brian Horsburgh bartered the price!) who had.

Moral of last night’s story: There’s another Reunion party to kick off the 100th voyage on Monday, December 14 in San Diego. See you all there.

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