Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Picture!

Since I lost my camera trying to make friends with the hyenas in Namibia...and then again when moving out of my apartment/room in Boston this winter...it's actually quite exciting for me to have a picture to share!

This is a group of the interns during last Wednesday's Square Dance. We had like the most famous caller ever come. He even won some national award. (Which was announced during the square dance by somebody walking up to the mic and saying that they had an announcement "of national importance" to make. We actually all flipped for a second, thinking the worst ... and then it turned out that he won the award!)

I'm wearing little boy overalls that I had to cut off to make fit. Note the location of the back pockets. Also note the lovely background of the cage because it rained during all of last/this week so every single event has been moved inside.

300+ people square dancing inside with limited ventilation = sweatyness + great first impressions


Bags said...

You are perhaps better noticed by your pink boots

lonepine said...

Or by being the prettiest...

Obviously I'm recognizeable. I just pointed out the overalls so you could distinguish what exactly it was that I was wearing.