Thursday, June 18, 2009

My First Adventure? – June 17, 2009

The beds here suck. Like they are way worse than I remember them. Now this *might* be because I’m in Con20…which has even fewer redeeming factors than Kitt II. (Or is it less? My master teacher corrected me on a fewer/less comment yesterday and it was a little embarrassing/insulting so now I’m very unsure of myself.) Anyways, I’ve always thought Kitt II was the worst dorm on campus (hence the nickname “Shitt II”) but Con might actually beat it out. When I went to shower, for example, I was literally attacked by the flow of water even though I was standing well outside the distance it should reach. I played with the pressure and realized that there were two settings: dripping or full-force-sprays-halfway-into-the-rest-of-the-bathroom pressure. Seeing as I obviously prefer the second, I tested all four shower heads just to make sure that there was no other option. There isn’t. Every time I shower I flood the entire bathroom. I asked somebody who used to live in Con if this was, in fact, the case and it is. And Kitt is at least near the Upper so it’s not such a hike to go to breakfast. So…Con[redeeming qualities} << Kitt 2[redeeming qualities].

But this post was about the beds and how terrible they are. I’m not really that picky a person. I’ve just been waking up incredibly sore every morning (and won’t allow my old teacher self to acknowledge that this *could* be from wiffle ball – for the record James, word automatically changes that to “waffle”). I’ve also been waking up incredibly early because my body just won’t get comfortable in the bed. This could be considered a blessing in disguise given that I don’t have an alarm clock and the alarm clock on my Verizon phone doesn’t work. (Being the only provider with service in NH does NOT mean that you can make crappy phones and have crappy customer service!) So this morning I woke up at 6am, which I was unhappy with. Because forced socialization last night didn’t end until midnight and we have our “The BIG ONE” meeting today which I want to be well rested for.

So I went searching for boards, which a girl in another dorm had recommended. But instead I found A MATTRESS PAD hidden away in the dorm’s storage room. One of those nice foamy bubbly ones. (Background: SPS students aren’t allowed to use dorm storage over the summer so I’ve been considering everything in there up for grabs. Like the new chair and lamp in my room.) Thank you SPS student that wasn’t in the mood to pack up your mattress pad…because it allowed me to get one half hour more of sleep this morning! You’re great.

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