Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1, Phew – June 15, 2009

Today, I thank DOC Trips for making sure I’m First Aid certified and my mommy for making sure I’m young. Because being First Aid certified means that I didn’t have to sit through an hour and a half long “video” today about first aid. And it also means that I won’t have to sit through a two hour long training session tomorrow. Does this mean that I’ll feel prepared if one of my little high schoolers falls and hurts herself? No. Am I okay with that? Yes. Am I going to be scared that one of my little highschoolers might fall and hurt myself, revealing my utter ineptness with band-aids? No. Was I incredibly happy to have free time today to nap because orientation is exhausting? YES.

And the reason I’m happy that I’m young…it means that despite the fact that I have driven a mini-bus at Dartmouth for three years I am apparently unqualified to drive the SPS mini-busses because I’m not 21. Even more hilarious, at the same time I decided to mention to the man in charge that I have tons of experience with these things, three other girls decided to come up and mention that they:
a. Got their drivers’ licenses a month ago
b. Have never driven anything bigger than a two-passenger car
c. Feel incredibly uncomfortable about the idea of being responsible for 14 kids in a bus
But because they’re at least four months older than I am, they’re qualified to drive the mini-busses! Does this make sense? No. Am I okay with it because it means that I get three more hours off from orientation? YES.

Things of note:
I’m now supposed to call my teachers by their first name.
The ASP people call normal St. Paul’s the “winter school.”
There are now stone paths where dirt paths used to be (think between Moore and ballet studio, Nash and library).
And swipey key cards to get into the dorms! (Apparently this is just so we can tell if the ASP kids are locked out after-hours but stillll).
Mommy is awesome because she’s bringing down a car-load worth of shtuff that I forgot at home. Thanks mommy!

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