Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crossing Boundaries – June 29

At “THE BIG ONE” meeting during intern training week, we learned all about boundaries and how not to cross them. So I’ve been doing a very good job of not developing crushes on students (which, at times, has required me to scream that I’m an intern while running away from situations) and instead focusing my energies towards that group that used to be my teacher(s) at SPS that is no longer off-limits… That is. Up until tonight. When I developed a crush on one of the students.

You see…ASP has this tradition called “serenades” when boys travel to girls dorms after check-in (or vice versa) and sing them a song. Adorable isn’t it? Tonight Middle (a boys dorm during the summer!) was scheduled to serenade us. We keep this quiet from the students but our way of getting them all to gather in the common room for it was to plan a birthday party for one of the girls in the dorm. Since it actually was her birthday this was pretty believable.

The girls in my class had asked me point-blank if we were getting a serenade tonight and I lied right back to them, insisting that we were not. In perfect timing, a group of boys walked past our window on their way to serenade a different dorm. All the Con20 girls FREAKED OUT. Like I have never seen a group of girls scream louder…only to be disappointed by the fact that the serenade was not actually for them. Allowing us interns to sit back in a “told ya so” manner as we waited for Round 2 of the screams.

It worked out perfectly, we were convincing our girls to start working on their serenade (we’re going to a boys’ dorm on Wednesday). As one girl was about to hit play on her iPod we heard a few strums of a guitar. Most of the girls just assumed that the song had already started, except for those who were closest to the iPod who started to look around. And then slowly more girls started to realize that the iPod was not actually playing the music they were hearing. And then we saw them: a whole group of boys who had snuck in the back way, walking down the hall towards the common room, singing the Beatles and being led by two guitarists up front. Amazing.

I cried. And I didn’t cry during My Sister’s Keeper. That’s how good it was. When they finished their rendition (I couldn’t quite figure out what song it was because they changed pretty key words into “Con20” and other words related to our dorm) they asked for the special birthday girl to step forward. The two guitarists then butchered Happy Birthday on their guitars for a few awkward moments (really awk considering they had just flawlessly played The Beatles) before the rest of them broke out into an overwhelming Happy Birthday and parted down the middle for another boy to walk forward carrying

wait for it


Oh my god so freaking adorable.

So I obviously immediately fell in love. I’m not quite sure which one I fell in love with. But I know it was one of them.

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