Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eli’s New Adventures – June 14, 2009

Some of you readers have been very kind and generous in your feedback to my blog posts. Apparently you really like my writing (so why can’t you just have graded my high school papers!?!). My standard response though has always been “well I’ve had great life experiences.” Which is would take more skill to make the story of going on a fishing boat in Brazil to have the crew show me how to best sneak alcohol onto the MV Explorer sound boring than to make it exciting. (Oh wait, I never posted that story…)
All the same, this term’s blog is going to present a bit more of a challenge on the adventures front. For one, all the exotic locations that were guaranteed to make any story exciting will be replaced with…New Hampshire. And all the villagers, students, and backpackers that played the central characters in my Semester at Sea stories will be replaced with high school students from New Hampshire, and more high school students from New Hampshire. This is because this summer I will be going back to my high school (St. Paul’s) to teach students in their ASP, summer enrichment program.
So my disclaimer now is that I am going to be seeking adventure, it will not come and attack me as I felt it did so often during Semester at Sea (like that time that I made friends with the hyenas…adventure came and attacked me) which mostly means that my blog is sure to be full of hyperboles and exaggerations. But I’ll leave that interpretation up to you for the deciding.

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