Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Second, Third, and Fourth Packages!

Omgomgomg today is a very exciting day!

I got not one, not two, but THREE packages from America! All three from 17RFR. As I was looking at the listing of items in the first package I saw "scarf" and thought to myself "that's strange...I never asked mommy to send me a scarf." And then I opened it and saw two wrapped items. (My birthday is coming up, fyi. I'm turning 22 on the 22nd of September. This is not the first reminder y'all will get.) To uphold my surprise at the second wrapped item, I quickly shut my eyes and tore up the list of the items in the package. And then I smooshed and shook and smelt the second present at an attempt to figure out what it is. And then, like a good 12 year old, I put them under my bed to wait until the Birthday Fairy comes on September 22 (that's my birthday, I'm turning 22).

[Note here: As I observed to John this's awesome being the youngest because I know that James got "Birthday Fairy" presents for his 26th birthday this summer. That means I have at least 4 years left of Birthday Fair presents. Gotta be fair parents.]

Other than that...there was a lovely assortment of powerbars and Cliff bars (fyi...definitely don't need them as much as I thought I would), 5 Hour Energies (definitely need those more than I thought I would), soap, sunscreen (only need it because I lost mine already), and a hairbrush (definitely have needed that). Oh yeah...and beef jerky and tuna and peanut butter and jelly. Gosh life is awesome. Mommy did a very good job of wrapping all the jellies and 5 Hour Energies in baggies, but forgot to do the same with one of the sunscreens, which was, of course, the only thing to burst. So the peanutbutter now smells like sunscreen. Yummy.

I think that if you account for the fact that the packages were sent on a only took about 5 weeks for them to get here. Which really, is not as bad as the 2 months the Peace Corps volunteers were telling me it takes.

Thank you and love you Mommy and Poppy!

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