Monday, September 20, 2010

English Diploma

Here you go Jamie:


To all who read this document greeting:

Be it known that it has been decided to honor ELIZABETH BRAY MITCHELL and in accord with her merits
To decorate her with the title of Bachelor of Arts and that we have bestowed upon her the fullest power
Of enjoying all the privileges and immunities and honors which everywhere on earth
Pertain to this same grade. Of which act let our official seal and names be for a witness.

Conferred from the academic halls in Hanover, New Hampshire on the 13th day
Of the month of June in the year 2010.
...Too bad the immigration office won't accept it because it doesn't look official enough. A man at the US Embassy told me that he could make a copy of it and then stamp that, saying that it's a copy of something for $50. "But won't they more care that the original is legitimate?" "No. They more just want a stamp on it. Why do you think we can charge you $50?"

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