Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Package!

I just paid 120rwf (~20 cents) to pick up my FIRST PACKAGE! (Correction: another CCHIPs staff member did this, but I found the package and the receipt on a table in the project house.) It’s from Kat Smith and has 3 disposable cameras.
I can take a hint. You all want pictures.
Solution: the WWHPS/CCHIPs facebook page! At least it has some pictures of me rafting…and the rest of the staff before I arrived. You can search for “Wyman Worldwide Health Partners” on facebook, or just click on this link:
Thank you so much Kat! I guess this proves that the cheaper, smaller package method is more effective than mommy’s method? (Still waiting on those sunglasses, tuna fish, and chocolates.)

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kathryn said...

You're so welcome Eli! I just couldn't stand the idea of you in Rwanda with no camera so I thought I send you guiltless cameras. Who cares if you lose them! Or trade them.

I had no idea there was more than one way to send a package to Rwanda. I asked the post office guy, "How do I send a package to Rwanda?" and sent it that way. Maybe your mom should come to my post office and visit me and I will show her how to send you some tuna and chocolates and stuff...are you reading this Bray Bray?