Friday, March 4, 2011

Rwanda Overheards

Most of the time my interactions with Rwandans consist of something
along the lines of: "Good morning teacher, give me
job/money/shoes/watch/[fill in the blank]." But every once in a while,
I come across one that knows English pretty well, which obviously just
lends itself to some fabulous entertainment, especially for somebody
missing the Mirror's Overheards column (cough*cough*suggestion to
editors of 2010 Class Newsletter). ...
~20 Year Old Male: Excuse me, mother, mother, I have no parents…will
you be my mother?
Eli: Mother!?! WHAT!? How old do you think I am?
~20 Year Old Male: Ehh…30?
Eli: Haha…no…I'm 22.
~20 Year Old Male: Ah well, will you be my girlfriend?
(Later in this conversation he made a reference to a 27 year old girl
living in Musanze calling her "the very young one.")
Male: Are you married?
Eli: No. Are you married?
Male: No. Do you have a boyfriend?
Eli: No. Do you have a girlfriend?
Male: No. This is because I am poor. One day I will be very rich and
then many girls will love me.
(I then tried to explain to him why he did not want to marry a girl
that only loved him for his money. His confusion seemed to be about
why he would marry only one girl once he was rich.)
Lyndsey (looking at 2 twin dogs): How do you tell them apart?
Boy: Well this one is the female because she is fat and this one is
the male because he is skinny.
Male: Are you married?
Eli: No. I am only 22.
Male: So you will be married in 2 years.
Eli: When did I say that?
Male: Well you must marry by 24. Otherwise you cannot marry at all.
Phone conversation (with unknown number):
Eli: Hello?
Male: Hello…this is Robert, I am calling to greet you.
Eli: Okay.
Male: Okay. Well I hope you are safe. Good bye.
Eli: Good bye.
(Followed by 7 calls from same number over 2 day period; all ignored.)
From a particularly aware Rwandan: "A muzungu is somebody who keeps time."

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Isabelle said...

So wait, what do you and the polygamist not have in common? and what are you doing explaining the vices of a trophy wife to anyone my dear??