Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women’s Day!

(Bet chya didn’t know it was…) In its never-ending effort to appear rich, developed, and equal, Rwanda recognizes International Women’s Day as an official holiday. And then, perhaps after realizing that real developed countries do not feel a similar need to cover up the fact that 39% of men surveyed in the country admit to using physical violence against a female partner, it reversed this decision at 6am on the morning of the no longer holiday. But since we at CCHIPs had already declared it a holiday (and because our Project Director and Project Manager are both female), we got a day off from work!

(Please note: this is the second holiday we’ve had in the three weeks since I’ve been back at work. I will certainly miss the Rwandan holiday culture.)

In celebration, we had the boys make us breakfast this morning.

Then, Jared, Alex and I went for a hike around two of the lakes in the region. I had attempted this hike earlier this fall, using local buses to guide the way. This time around, we decided to use a car. It went much better. Rwanda’s beauty continues to astound me, especially when I get to see it all from an isolated trail, surrounded by energetic and friendly children. Enjoy:

Unsure why this flipped when I uploaded it. It looks a lot less impressive from this angle, but that big ass mountain/volcano in the background is the one I attempted to hike two weekends ago.
Oh hey...your hut has a better view than anything I'll ever be able to afford.

Yeah, Rwanda's real pretty.

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