Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Pictures!

Making use of that digital camera I got for my's what Rwanda looks like:

Lauren, Travis (Zack's brother), Me, Marvin, and Zack at Volcana, a nearby bar -- that also happens to be the most expensive in Musanze. Convenient.

Marvin, Kelly, Me, Lauren at the convent overlooking Lake Rohondo. I may look like an idiot in actual athletic clothing...but I was much more comfortable than Marvin!
When we spend full days at the health centers...I have to get creative with my work space. Here I am after I turned a consultation room into an office!

A porch meeting with Zack.

Being an incredibly attentive English teacher for the nurses at Shingiro Health Center.
I'd like to describe my teaching style as "laid back" rather than "lazy" for sitting on the table and drinking tonic.

Trying to determine just how ridiculous I looked in my *new* pink aviators using my *new* digital camera as a mirror. Say hi to Peace Corps Brandon in the background -- both of us escaped to La Palme (hotel) to use the fast internet for the afternoon.

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