Saturday, October 2, 2010

Facebook Continues to Be Creepy

I miss my ads for Reagan-onomics and “I like bacon” tshirts. An inventory of my current facebook ads:

Affordable MBA, MSc, BA
Study in the heart of London for many courses! Reduced prices for African students.

Get email
It is Free. Be a Proud Rwandan and sign up for Rwanda Mail e-mail.
Injira kuri ukoreshe Facebook kuri telefoni igendanwa yawe ku buntu. Iyi serivisi iboneka gusa kubakoresha MTN +250-xxx-xxx-xxxx
Maggie Bell, Brendan McVeigh, and 2 other friends use Facebook Mobile.

Make your radio online
Quality streaming service at a flat rate of 20$ per GB. Call us at 0788299369 [that’s a Rwandan MTN number] for more information. Any one (sic)* can have a radio now.

International news talking points.

Diplomas & Transcripts You Really Must Read This. [I think they must have tracked my blog about needing a diploma in English?] 

*Did you know that when you put (sic) after something grammatically incorrect, word removes with wiggly line underneath?

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