Friday, December 5, 2008

YES! – December 5, 2008 – second time around

And as today’s maybe-not-final reminder that we ARE at sea: I just witnessed the best ever slow-motion collision of girl with full plate of food with girl walking past her. We all saw it coming. There was enough time for the entire dining hall (which is actually not that many people…just the nerds studying and not tanning) to turn and watch as the boat rock catapulted them into each other and food went flying. Followed by a waiter coming up right behind them and exclaiming “Crash!”

I tried to start the slow clap but I don’t think it was slow enough or something? I don’t know, nobody else joined in.


Benjamin Wang said...

how do you feel about almost being back home?

Jennifer said...

come back to dartmouth in the winter so we can make fun of people falling in the snow... or gaelle tripping on chains on mass row. actually, the chains have been replaced with long white pvc-ish pipes