Sunday, August 31, 2008

Honeymoon Over?

While New Orleans is being evacuated in fear of Gustav and McCain has effectively turned the presidential election into pitting a black man against a white woman, we sit on a bay in Puerto Rico blissfully unaware of all these events. We have much bigger things to worry about – such as – the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

That’s right. School on a Sunday. Our schedule of A and B days means that we alternate classes every single day that we’re at sea. Let me repeat: every single day we’re at sea. Right now, I’m taking Developmental Economics, The Rise to Power, and Biomedical Ethics. I need to choose between International Finance and International Health Policies for my fourth class. One would count for my major – the other for my minor. If you have any great advice, please send it my way.

That was enough about school.

My great decision of yesterday was to spend “just an hour” “tanning” on the top deck in my shorts and tshirt. Hahahahaha. Let’s laugh at the idea again. Hahahahaha. Yeah so I am now that girl with a beautiful contrast between beet red and pure white on her mid thigh. I think it looks like the Slovakian flag? I’m not sure though…the Olympics has told me that there does exist a flag that is white on top, red on the bottom though.

In order to alleviate this destiny, I decided that today I was going to tan like an all-star. I marched up to the top deck with my bathing suit, sunscreen and textbook in tow, ready to even out those lines and match the 25% of the ship that’s from California. (Who ever thought that I would have a hard time telling blondes apart?) But the Californians beat me: deck 7 and deck 6 were already crowded, leaving me and my roommate to start the tanning line on lowly deck 5. Like a dejected leprosy exile, pale from head to…thigh and beet red from thigh to toe, we set up our chairs to tan.

This is, of course, when the storm came rumbling in. Turns out the Californians had used their sixth sense to tell the weather and took advantage of our dock time (read: ship is not swaying back and forth) to fill the gym with their perfect California bodies.

As I write this I’m insisting that I can tan with the UV rays that break through the storm clouds and praying that my legs even out just a tiny bit. Oh and I’m of course reading my Econ too. J

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