Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Adventures of Cory and Eli Part II

[Part I will not be mentioned on the internet, but it has to do with 2018 {my room} being the new 308 and Curtis (our ISA) not being the new Jimmel.]

Onto Part II.

The ship was exciting for all of two hours – after which we were done exploring all seven decks, had found the hilariously small “gym”, and had touched a toe in our pool that is the size of an elephant’s drinking hole. For one elephant. For one day. By this point we were unpacked and introduced to our roommates and bored. When they made an announcement over the intercom (I will curse the intercom before this trip is over. Actually probably before we even land in Brazil. There are speakers in every hallway and every room. Lest you forget the five minute warning that the all-ship meeting is about to start. Oh hi Big Brother. How art thou this morning?) that said students were no longer allowed to leave the ship.

Those of you that know me well know that I do not enjoy being told that I cannot do something. Neither does Cory.

So Cory and I were feeling claustrophobic and bored – and somebody had just told us that we weren’t allowed off the ship. So of course we needed to get off the ship. Cory came up with a fabulous story about how his hotel just called to inform him that he left a bag in the room. (Cory was elected for this because I was the mule in our first adventure.) It took telling this story to three different administrator before a person that I’ll call Nice Old Man fell for it and brought us off the ship.

As we were leaving a person that I’ll call Mean Young Woman started screaming “No students off the ship! No students off the ship!” Then Nice Old Man turned around and told her that we were with him so it was okay.


We made it off.

But for absolutely no reason and with no purpose beyond buying something in a bag so we actually had a bag to bring back to the ship. Two towels, face wash (we ran an errand for a girl that actually did have to get off the ship – but is not nearly as sneaky as we are), and two jars of peanut butter later, we didn’t have a bag large enough for everything to fit. Onto the Bahemian Rum Cake store where they had fairly large, opaque bags. Of course though, this required purchasing a pineapple rum cake in order to request the largest bag in the store. The pineapple rum cake will presumably be revisited in a post titled “Food Poisoning at Sea.”

Five minutes left – back through security check – meaning having our bags scanned and hand searched by a Bahemian soldier wearing a black beret – and swiping our IDs to get onto the ship, just in time for our lifeboat drill.

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