Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sorry I’m not as dedicated as this guy.

I actually did not vote in Tuesday’s election. But really, not for lack of trying. First, it took me about 2 days to download all the forms off the website. And then it took me another 2 days to figure out how to print the recipient material ONTO an envelope. They were very specific that taping, gluing, or stapling the form onto an envelope would negate it and the USPS would just throw it out. So at this point...I was already sending in the materials a week later than I intended. Risky business in Rwanda, for time-sensitive materials.

And then I took it to the post office [Royal “I” = somebody on our staff who speaks Kinyrwanda.] and learned that it would cost 5,000 francs to send…because the “prepaid postage” for the international absentee ballot is only prepaid if mailed within the US.

At this point, I decided to update myself on the NH Senate election and learned that I couldn’t even vote for Bill Binnie. And so my decision was made…it wasn’t worth $10 to abstain from voting.

With all the excitement of turning 18 and being able to vote…I’ve only taken advantage of it once…to vote for the school budget…and I’m pretty sure that that tally resulted in a re-vote anyways.

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