Monday, July 19, 2010

A Private Blog!

Wow…I think I feel as cool as Alex Howe. I have forced myself to have so many blog followers that I am forced to not only start a second blog (now have eligoesaroundtheworld and eligoestoafrica), but I also have to make them private. (Alex – how many twitter followers do you have? Are you more excited that Gawker wrote about you or that I wrote about you?)

There are a few realities to my newly private blog. The first is that I might want a different job someday. (Or even may want to keep this one.) And even though Elizabeth Mitchell, the actress that plays Juliet on Lost (still upset at that finale), has done a great job over the years pushing all mentions of “the real” Elizabeth Mitchell into the thousands on google…I’d rather there be no chances of my blog showing up in a search.

The second is that I’m not actually going to a fully democratic country. (Gee, I hope I made it private enough that I can say that nowww…) Even though I know I’m going to love Rwanda, the joy of my writing (and my personality!) is how unrestricted it is…so I want no reason to have to hold back.

The third is that I’ve reached this strange stage of my life where I no longer represent JUST ME…but I also represent an organization. Similarly, I know I’m going to love working for Wyman Worldwide, but the job of my writing is how unrestricted it is…so I want no reason to have to hold back.

So now just consider yourself now one of the elite few/many with access to my unrestricted/unrated/un…somethingelse… blog. I’ll work harder in the future to make it more entertaining.


Thoughts said...
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Thoughts said...

please add an end date to Rwanda on your itinerary- and make it less than 2 years!

Eli(zabeth) Mitchell said...

Parents have made monetary threats if I'm gone for more than 2 years. So no worries...I'll be back.

Jen said...

ummm they need to stop after 1!