Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back at Sea – November 25

I’ve now been back on the boat for a week. And let me tell you…am I getting good at cards. If you have any suggestions for games that we should add to our routine, please let me know. Recently we’ve been stuck on Rummi though – which mainly just kills me because all I can think about is Rummikub and I find it impossibly boring to just have to wait until exactly what you need pops up instead of shuffling it all around so that it works. I might see if I have any time to pick up a Rummikub while in Hawaii (two days!). I mean…our family could always use another, right? I don’t think we have one for each room in the house yet.

I’ve also finally learned Pinnocle, which I actually hate because unlike Spades or Hearts where your hand is THAT terrible you cannot “go nill” or “shoot the moon” or anything like that in Pinnocle. You just have to deal with having an incredibly crappy hand that will win you no points. At all. But anyways I am happy that I’ve finally learned Pinnocle because it means that in terms of Wardrop’s (sorry…Terry’s) perspective I’ve probably finally become an adult because I can now sit with him and play some of his Canadian card games.

Bridge is hard to start if nobody knows how to play at all. If you know how to play, please update the Wikipedia entry.

I downloaded Microsoft Office 2007 onto my computer. It’s fun to play with.

The other really exciting even of recent was CROSSING THE INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE! So now instead of being super ahead of everybody on the east coast, I’m very behind you. I remember at one point in my life perfectly understanding the concept of the International Date Line. But that was obviously before I got stupid or something. Or maybe I just accepted what I was told and didn’t think about it or anything. Because once I really started to think about it…I had to take a water bottle and draw a globe on it and use that to try and figure out how the sun sets on Alaska on Monday while, SIMULTANEOUSLY, setting on Russia on Tuesday. Or would it be Sunday? Eff.

And I still have tons of papers to write. Since we last talked…I’ve completed one and half of the outline for another. But…I HAVE watched all four seasons of Weeds. Great show. It almost makes me want to smoke. Or at least deal because that looks like tons of fun.

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