Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brazil Reflections

Hilarious story: I was pick-pocketed within five minutes of being in Brazil.

This is mostly hilarious because this occurred immediately after I finished writing, but before I even sent a somewhat personal blitz about my fear of being to quick to judge the poverty in Brazil and I focused more on the irony of the moment than the meaning.*

So a quick recap – Brazil was both good and bad. I fell in love with Lencois and absolutely hated Salvador. I spent way too much money. I hated how everywhere I went I seemed to be surrounded by SAS kids. I hated even more how much poverty was just on display for us to see but impossible for us to do anything about. But I loved when I really tried to talk with locals in Portuguese. I think they were great conversations. It was great to get off the ship (as assumed, I had started to feel claustrophobic). I got to go on a day long hike, which was a welcome change from the treadmills and ellipticals in our “gym.”

I believe that what I learned the most from the five days in Brazil was not about the country but about travel. It has left me better prepared for Namibia, as I’m sure Namibia will better prepare me for South Africa and onward. The time was really too short for self-reflection up until now.

The first night we returned, SAS hosted an optional reflections meeting. This was when I most realized that I do need to sit and self-reflect – although there’s almost no place on this ship to really be by myself in order to do so.

What I thought was amazing about this group reflection was how many girls exclaimed “Oh my god best five days of my lifeee!!!!” Which really got me thinking about the best five days of my life…the list I have so far is:

  1. Thanksgiving 2007
  2. Day I met the James family in Mississippi
  3. Tailwind day in Montana
  4. Scoring the overtime goal in field hockey freshman year

I’m assuming my fifth is the day I started school or something like that…because I’m a nerd like that. But if it’s really one in recent memory, than it probably involves either Elkins, Vail, or roller-coasters.

Moral of the story here is…great time. Not life altering. Can’t wait for Namibia.

*As promised, my blog is taking on a lighter tone than my emails. If you didn’t receive my email last week and want to (but are not in Sigma Delt, Tabard, or club lacrosse – because I know that all of you still haven’t gotten it), then let me know by emailing me at

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Debbie said...

We probably need to talk about Thanksgiving 2007. You make me laugh. MOM